Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Best Practices for Changing Your Vehicle’s Oil

Regular oil changes play an integral role in keeping your engine’s various components lubricated and running smoothly. As a rule of thumb, oil changes are recommended for most vehicles every 3,000 miles. So if you do an average amount of driving, your car will need three to four oil changes a year. Rather than pay people to perform this simple maintenance task, why not do it yourself? The following tips will help you pull off your next oil change with finesse.   

Acquire the Proper Grade of Oil

To get the best possible performance out of your engine, you’ll need to give it the proper grade of oil. If you’re unclear on what type of oil is recommended for your vehicle, have a look at the car’s owner’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s website. There is also oil available that can improve engine performance during colder weather.  


Use a Garage Drip Pan

Changing oil can be a messy business. Have you ever wondered why all the mechanics you come across are practically caked in oil? Fortunately, a resilient garage drip pan can prove useful in preventing messes. Once the plug has been removed from your car’s oil pan, place the drip pan directly beneath it to catch the outgoing oil. Even after the bulk of the oil has been emptied, dripping will continue for a while, so don’t move the drip pan until you’re sure the oil pan is completely empty.

Take Personal Comfort Into Account

Using a car ramp to elevate your vehicle is sure to make the oil-emptying process much easier. This way, you’ll have considerably more wiggle room and be able to take advantage of natural lighting.
Without regular oil changes, you’re liable to see a decrease in engine performance, as well as a reduction in fuel efficiency. Habitually shrugging off oil changes can also lead to a prematurely kaput engine. In the interest of preserving your engine and saving money, consider changing your own oil.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Paint Your Garage Floor? Get Garage Drip Pans Instead

Every car eventually stains a garage floor. Dripping oil and other automotive fluids leave dark patches on the concrete. Once those stains are there, they’re impossible to eliminate. Garage drip pans can save you the hassle of painting your garage floor — or spending your Saturday afternoon scrubbing your car’s oil slick, trying to get your garage floor clean.

How Automotive Garage Drip Pans Work

A high-quality drip pan rests on your garage floor beneath your vehicle. You drive in and over it every time you enter your garage. The best garage drip pans have edges that spring back, even when your tires temporarily flatten them. They’re also made from puncture-resistant material, which prevents rocks stuck in your tire treads from poking holes in the surface.
Each pan collects oil and other automotive fluids without letting the fluids seep through to your garage floor. You don’t have to worry about spending an afternoon painting your garage floor and breathing in epoxy fumes. You also don’t have to worry about trying to get nasty oil stains out of your concrete.

Cleaning the Pans

Automotive garage drip pans that are easy to clean are coated with Teflon-like material. Nothing sticks or gets through the surface, even if you’re dealing with a couple of gallons of fluid during vehicle maintenance.
To clean your pan, either wipe the oil up with a rag or toss some kitty litter or peat moss on top of it. Let the litter or moss absorb the liquid before you dispose of it. Remember that the pan will hold less fluid if it’s not resting on a level surface.
High-quality garage drip pans also have thick material beneath the collection pan, which is sealed in with a layer of vinyl. Even if you get a random puncture in the upper pan, the material beneath will catch leaking fluids before they reach your garage floor.

Purchase Your Drip Pan

Say “goodbye” to oil stains on your garage floor for good, and don’t waste money on disposable drip catchers. The best garage drip pans are affordable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. It’s one of the simplest and smartest purchases you’ll ever make.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Reasons Why Oil Drip Pan Sizing Matters

When you're changing your oil in the garage, a big mess is the last thing that you want. Whether you're partial to 3x4 oil drip pans, 4x6 oil drip pans or some other size, a variety of oil pans is a must for the maintenance warrior for the following reasons.

Capacity Flexibility
When you're in the middle of changing oil or any fluid, the worst thing that can happen is finding out that your pan isn't up to the job. A variety of oil pan mats for garage changes can come in quite handy when working with unfamiliar cars.

Ease of Maneuverability
Some cars are easier to work under than others. In a tight space, some low-profile 4x6 oil drip pans can make the difference between a real easy oil change and a royal pain in the neck. Having different pans to play with makes the job a cinch. 

Unforeseen Splash Back
Using a drip pan of the wrong size often results in some serious splash back depending on the size of the vehicle's inboard oil pan. In some scenarios, 3x4 oil drip pans work well. In others, a wider and deeper pan will result in fewer mishaps.

Ease of Storage
If you have to change oil on a variety of automobiles often, you know that the one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. With a variety of oil pan mats for garage changes that can store together like a Russian doll, you have a lot of options to choose from. 

Domestic Tranquility
Sharing a garage with roommates or significant others will result in serious conflict if you're a wrencher. Spilling oil on the cement never goes over well with anyone. Custom pans that reduce splashes, spills and the rest of those oil change maladies will keep you from getting yelled at.

The Pans That Fit You Best

No doubt, an array of different pans for oil changes is a big plus. Though standard-sized pans work well, there's always the case to be made for custom solutions. Either way, assembling a specialized pan collection doesn't have to be expensive in the long run.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Custom Sized Garage Drip Pans

Perma-Pan offers oil pans in 3 sizes 3x4, 4x6, and custom sizes. Perma-Pan will custom make any size you want at $2.50 per square foot plus a $6 set-up charge on each pan with a minimum price of $29.95 each.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Its That Time Of Year...Start Your Engines!!

Spring is here so its time to start up the hot rods, sports cars and classic cars but before you do place a Perma Pan Oil Drip Mat underneath the car to capture any oil leaks. Our Oil Pans make garage clean up fast and easy while protecting your floor from ugly stains. Call 785-827-9334 to order the strongest drip pan available.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Don't Throw Your Money Away on Throw Away Oil Mats!

Our Oil Drip Mats are made of Tedlar®-clad vinyl coated polyester fabric. Tedlar® is Dupont’s trade name for polyvinyl fluoride and is a chemical “cousin” of Teflon®. The Tedlar® surface on top of the fabric makes Perma-Pans unique and the easiest to clean on the market. The base fabric is heavy polyester (tire cord) which is coated on both sides with vinyl. Some manufacturers use .020 inch thick vinyl film (heavy beach ball material), which is not nearly as resistant to chemicals as Tedlar®.

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